5 Fun Facts About Me

I met my husband, Brian, on Eharmony. We talked over the phone for a month before actually meeting in person. (Funny now that I know he HATES talking on the phone.) I knew I’d marry him after our first date. He’s the kindest, most compassionate person I’ve ever met. He loves Charlie something fierce and spends as much time as possible snuggling with him, playing with him, and reading Goodnight Moon to him for the billionth time. Brian also cooks, cleans and does his own laundry. I truly hit the jackpot and am thrilled to share life with him.

I used to race cars. I come from a family of car nuts. At 16, I hit the autocross racetrack in my red Volkswagen Jetta. I was the state champion for the women’s division in my first season. I came close to earning my road racing license but decided to focus on my college education instead. I was even featured in Volkswagen’s Driver Magazine and had a super fun photo shoot with my car!

I still enjoy going to our local indoor karting track and whooping all the boys. Brian and I recently joked that my competitor nickname on the screen should be “Lactating Mama” to really throw the boys a curve ball.

I LOVE Wheel of Fortune. I’m probably the only person under the age of 70 that watches it. I grew up watching it and absolutely love it. And I’m really good at it. I’d love to have lunch with Vanna and ask her a million questions about how she’s made a career out of being pretty and wearing fancy dresses. One of these days I’m gonna be on the show and win big money!

I’m a Virgo and read my horoscope every week. I cherry pick the good stuff and find it inspiring. I mean, if my success is literally written in the stars I want to know about it. When I was younger my mom had my numerology chart done-it was super fascinating. 

I’m not afraid to ask for what I want. Once I know what I want, there’s no stopping me. It’s how I secured an internship at Volkswagen of America when there were no openings. It’s how I got into certification for my coaches training a month earlier than the “rules” allowed. My motto is “the answer is no unless you ask.” And if the answer is no, I keep asking. Persistence pays! : )