Find balance as you grow your family and biz, without guilt.

Building your biz while raising your family is challenging

You constantly juggle multiple priorities and feel like none of them get the attention they deserve

You have a nagging suspicion that it doesn’t have to be this difficult

You long for more balance but don’t know where to start

Take a deep breath-you're in the right place!

I’m Jenny, and it’s my passion to help soulful and ambitious entrepreneur moms (like you) create a vision for balance in their life, on their terms, in a way that actually works for them.

After 10 years in corporate marketing, I followed my heart and became a certified coach. I gave birth the day before I completed my final coursework. Balance became more important than ever as I juggled a newborn and building my biz. (Full disclosure: I’m a work in progress.)

But I do know that I want more than “just” motherhood. I’m not willing to wait until things get easy to pursue my career because I’m ready now. I’m clear on the impact I want to make in this world. This clarity fuels me and serves as a very powerful compass by which I make choices and prioritize my time. This, to me, is balance. 

What would be possible if you had this level of clarity in your life?

I’d love to support you and help you get clear on what’s most important to you during this season of your life.

Let’s walk together down this crazy and messy, yet happy and fulfilling path.

Interested in Working with Me?

I’m currently designing the rest of my website, which will launch very soon! But my doors are open and I’d love to connect with you. I offer a free 45-minute Clarity Strategy Session via phone to learn more about how I can support you.

Balance is Not a Myth!

In this free workbook you’ll learn about a radically new and refreshing way to look at balance. (Hint: it honors what’s actually important to you.)

Then you’ll learn how to make one simple shift that will create more balance immediately. You’ll even get a little 1:1 accountability from me.

***You’ll also receive an email with an exclusive invitation once my full site is launched. So yeah, you definitely want in on this list, mama!***