Jenny really listened both to what I said and what I didn’t say. She asked questions to dig deeper and encouraged me to ask myself these questions. She lovingly pushed me at times.

The experience helped me identify my values and to focus my energy on things that are important to me. I learned to identify patterns that get me “stuck” and how to navigate around them. Now, I feel more confident as a mother, and I’m happier overall.

I recommend working with Jenny, especially if you feel like you need some direction or like you aren’t in control of your life.


I was initially a little nervous about working with a life coach. Being honest, open, raw, and courageous felt scary. Thankfully I didn’t let that stop me. Jenny helped me change my life in just eight short weeks.

I now feel happier, I’ve regained my confidence, and I’m loving life. I achieved a new level of thinking that goes deeper than anything I’d ever experienced before. This deepness, let’s call it “soul energy,” embraces mindfulness, motivation, gratefulness, love, and peace. The experience also taught me to embrace my emotions, whether good, bad or ugly. There is no more fight with how I “should” be feeling; it’s just feeling everything as it comes.

Jenny was gentle, supportive and always cheered me on towards my next goal, especially with the small wins that I just brushed off as nothing. No matter what the topic was, how I was feeling, or how hard it was for me to open up, she was right there in my corner with me.

I highly recommend working with Jenny!


I’m a mother of two young boys, run my business, and direct another one. Life is busy! I was overwhelmed by all the possibilities. Success felt like less of a possibility with each passing day.

Jenny entered my life at just the right time. I was swirling round and round and she reminded me to stop and breathe. Then we sorted out my concerns around my business, my life passions, and my relationships with my family. She guided me to the root of the issue while holding a safe space to talk openly and honestly. I was able to discover new perspectives and ways to approach my goals and my life.

After working with Jenny, I am more confident, calm, and know I am capable of navigating the complexities of my life. Work-life-love balance does exist and Jenny helped me get there!


I’d never worked with a life coach before and had no idea what to expect.

It was very beneficial to check in with how things were going in my life. I loved the Wheel of Life exercise! It was a great tool to do a personal inventory of where I needed to re-prioritize. I identified two specific areas where I wanted to focus my time and energy. With that, I was able to create a plan for what I wanted to achieve in the results I needed for my business and my personal life.

Jenny’s warmth made me feel comfortable. I never felt pushed or like I wasn’t being listened to. Being in the thick of raising Charlie and building her business, she “got” it. She reminded me that it takes time to figure it all out and that it’s a process.

     -Sarah Ann

Jenny came into my life as I completed my coaches training and was incredibly supportive. I enjoyed her gentle disposition and attentive listening. I need pushing to go for my dreams (like anyone else) but I really need loads of compassion–which I got. I felt supported by her tenderness and championing during our coaching experience.

She identified several patterns and themes in my life and highlighted them to me. With that info I was able to (what did this awareness allow you to do?).

During one particular session I was struggling with an intense issue. She created a safe space to process what was emerging for me. It allowed me to give voice to something that was very significant for me. I appreciated her willingness to meet me exactly where I was in that moment.


Jenny’s desire to do awesome in the world is contagious. Her passion for living authentically just runs over into those around her. This changes their lives and calls forth authenticity in others.


I came to coaching during a challenging period in my professional life. At a crossroads, I was experiencing a significant amount of self-doubt. I was stuck, fearing I’d make the “wrong” decision.

Jenny helped me step outside of myself and reassess my personal beliefs and values. I was then able to approach the crossroads from a fresh, positive perspective. An opportunity quickly came along and I engaged in the hiring process authentically and honestly. In the end, I found a job that allows my values and beliefs to thrive.

Working with Jenny was invigorating, challenging, revealing …and always a complete pleasure. She so artfully helped me see and hear my interests, feelings, and conscience. On a fundamental level, I learned to listen to my soul and to be more present in all facets of my life. This heightened awareness came through rigorous self-exploration and at times difficult realizations. Jenny always made the facets of this exploration positive and productive.

I adamantly recommend Jenny to those who are close to me. I want everyone to thrive in their lives in the same way that I learned to through coaching, and she was absolutely critical in my own personal transformation.

(A year and a half after working with Dan, he shared the following with me.)

It (life) seriously continues to feel even better (and better, and better). I don’t think I’m exaggerating–I’ve certainly had moments of frustration, especially when my saboteur rears its ugly head. But I embrace those moments and challenge myself to dig-in and refocus on being even more honest and authentic. That typically means verbalizing whatever I’m feeling with whomever I’m feeling it. Without exception, that has always been the right move. As an addendum to my initial testimonial, I’ve experienced a fundamental shift in learning and now live in a more supportive, growth-oriented, and ultimately more fulfilling way. It kind-of blows my mind every day!